Monday 31st Aug 2020

        In this world of Covid-19

        there is darkness in many places,

        but God’s light shines brightly

        from everyone of you, everyone

        who proclaims God’s WORD.   

        God sends his light upon us all.

        He sends his Love upon us all.

        He asks us to tell others

        of what he does for us.

        He feeds us, He gives us water

        to quench our thirst.

        He gives us priests to act as his

        servants, to teach us all of the glories

        within the writings of the Holy Bible.

        You Lord, have given us your Son,

        Our Saviour, Jesus Christ,

        to die upon the cross,

        to redeem us from our sins,

        now and forever in the future.

        This is our prayer.  Amen.

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