Wednesday 12th Aug 2020

      Good morning,

      I have been wondering what

      to talk to You about, Lord.

      There is much trouble in the world.

      There is Covid-19. Then there is much

      spying and sabre rattling amongst major

      governments. There are always racial and

      ethnic tensions about the world.

      But we must not forget

      ALL the good things.

      Love flows down like rain on us from You

      Lord. There is the beauty of the birds and

      the bees. Plus we must not forget the

      lambs in the fields. 

      The list of the good things is infinite!

      I won’t go on as there are many

      who want to call You Lord.

      Thank you, Lord for everything.

      Speak to you tomorrow.


David mentions lambs in the fields so I included a picture of Horatio. David tells us that he is a Zwartble (pron. Swarbel), a breed originating in Netherlands but becoming more common in the UK after their introduction in the 1990s. Horatio is growing apace and has now become used to running with the flock in the fields adjacent to their house. David and Helen are preparing to look after another growing flock shortly.

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