Tuesday 11th Aug 2020

      Our Heavenly Father,

      Look down with mercy on us

      and all refugees.

      Remember your Son,

      Our Lord Jesus Christ,

      Had to leave his homeland and  

      Flee to Egypt when he was a baby  

      With his mother, Mary,

      And foster father, Joseph.

      Help us to be aware

      Of the fears, anxiety, pain, sorrow,

      Difficulties and uncertainty

      All refugees suffer,

      And to remember that

      We all belong

      To the same human family.

      Holy Spirit, give us compassion and      

      Courage to help them where we can.

      This is our prayer today. Amen.

Today the church remembers Clare of Assisi, founder of the Minoresses (also known as the Poor Clares) Clare was much influenced by St Francis and chose a contemplative way when founding her own community. Clare was the first woman to write a religious rule for women. After St Francis died, Clare dedicated her life to supporting his companions.

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