Monday 3rd Aug 2020

       Open our eyes and ears Lord,

       To the needs of other people

       here on earth.

       Let our ears listen to the laughter

       of the children,

       and our eyes see the needs

       of those who are usually     

       hidden from view.

       Let our noses smell the beautiful

       scent of the flowers in the garden.

       May our touch be gentle as we

       raise up those who are living under

       a heavy burden.

       Let us savour the taste of your   

       abundance and may the earth that

       we use be sustainable for all


       Thank you, Lord, for everything.


Norwich Anglican Cursillo continue to pray for the needs of the counsellors and clients of the ACC Covid-19 Bereavement Support Group.

We ask for your prayers for those who are experiencing anxiety and concerns as they return to a very different world that they left before they entered “shielding” in March. Amen

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