Sunday 2nd Aug 2020

        ‘We have a Gospel to proclaim.’

        This morning we give thanks to you Lord,      

        Almighty God, Father of everyone

                     here on Earth.

                You created us all

                at the beginning of time.

                You gave us the flood

                which overtook Noah.

                You parted the waters

                for The Israelites,

                You gave us Jesus Christ

                to redeem the world.

                You gave us St. Peter and St.Paul,

        With your help we need to tell the world

        the Gospel. It is for all people to hear,

        to listen to, to read themselves,

        to understand all they learn.

        Give us the strength and perseverance,

                To be your apostles,

                To spread the Gospel.

               Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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