Saturday 1st Aug 2020  

Silently, silently, quiet is the morning,

Beautiful day we are waking to now.

We can talk to you, listen to you,

We can then praise you and worship you,

For You are keeping us safe from harm,

and loving us all, here today.

We are walking, we are singing,

We are eating, we are drinking,

You are guiding us, you are teaching us,

You are protecting us,

You are our one true shepherd.

                You show us mercy,

                You show forgiveness.

                We are your children,

                We are your people,

                We will rejoice now

                And for evermore.


Today has been called Lammas Day for centuries. It is one of the three occasions in the churches year that are connected with agriculture. (The other two being Plough Monday in January and the Rogation Days in May. In Anglo-Saxon Lammas means “Loaf Mass” and it was the tradition to offer the first loaf from the wheat harvest to be blessed in the church in thanksgiving for the bounty of Gods world. For those who have noticed that the nights are drawing in, Lammas Day is pretty much 1/2 way between the solstice in June and the equinox in September.

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