Wednesday 29th July 2020
        The sun is shining brightly and gradually
        warming the air around us.
        The birds were heard in the dawn chorus
        and the lambs were bleating while they
        waited to be fed.
        We are the lambs in Jesus Christ’s flock
        here on earth.
        He is our shepherd and looks after all our
        needs, whether they are in mind or body.
        We pray this morning that we are guided
        onto the holy path, following Christ’s
        footsteps, loving one another as
        We need to work together to bring peace
        and equality in every part of our lives
        here in the UK, but also for everyone
        throughout the world.
        We need your help in everything we do,
        as we can do nothing without you.
        Thank you, Lord.

Today the church celebrates the lives of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, companions of Jesus. The family were close to Jesus and he shared their hospitality and a number of stories are told in the gospels of their relationships. When Lazarus died, Jesus raised him from the dead after witnessing the grief of the two sisters. The roles adopted by Martha and Mary have traditionally been held up as examples of the contemplative and the active spiritual roles.

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