Monday 27th July 2020
      In these ever changing times, when we are
      still trying to find out what the ‘New              
      Normal’ is; we rely on your Love and your
      guidance to see us through every new day.
      Keep us faithful to you, reminding us of
      you Lord, the Father, who oversees
      everything we do now, and in the future.
      Remind us of your Son, Jesus Christ, who
      sacrificed his life upon the Cross and Rose       
      Again, saving us from our sins, now and in
      the future.
      And finally remind us of the Holy Spirit,
      through whom the Grace of God falls like
      gentle rain, upon everyone who calls Him.
      We are your children and we need you
      now, more than ever.
      Look after us and comfort us this day.
      We thank you Lord.

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