Friday 24th July 2020

      By just Touching the robes of Jesus

      Christ, people were healed of whatever

      ailed them, because they Believed in God

      and that they would be Healed.

      In this time of Covid-19, by merely

      touching someone with the infection we

      can become ill. We therefore stop

      touching anyone else to avoid picking up

      the virus.

      We do not have to stop touching Jesus

      Christ. He can Touch you with his voice,

      with what he says to you. With his words

      of wisdom he teaches us to follow him.

      He Touches our lives by feeding us with

      His Body and Blood. He Touches us as He  

      washes away all our sins.

      He Touches us with his Love and Grace.

      Let us reach out our hands to Jesus Christ,

      as He will comfort us. We can then walk     

      out confidently together, Hand in Hand,

      for evermore. Amen.

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