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      Wednesday 1st July 2020

      You, Lord Jesus Christ,

      are the eternal Son of the Father.

      You became flesh and blood

      to set us all free,

      You overcame the sting of death

      and opened the kingdom of heaven

      to all who believe.

      You are seated at God’s right hand

      in glory.

      We are your people here on earth.

      Keep us firmly on your pathway,

      following your way of life, loving the

      true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

      And loving one another as ourselves,

      helping each other

      when anyone is in need.

      Give us the strength to believe in you

      all the days of our lives.

      For these things we pray. Amen.

Today the church commemorates the lives and works of Henry, John and Henry Venn the younger, Priests and evangelical divines. John Venn had a connection to Norfolk, becoming Rector of Little Dunham (near Swaffham) in the 1780s. Their work was mainly carried out in Clapham in London. John senior was one of the founders of the Church Missionary society and his son, Henry, who became prominent in the CMS and also within the evangelical movement in the Church of England. John Venn died on this day in 1813.

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