Monday 18th May 2020
            We are sitting at home this
            morning, thanking our Lord God
            for all his loving kindness
            which surrounded us,
            as we slept last night.
            Be quiet, be still,
            Allow God into your heart,
            into your mind, into everything
            you may do today.
            Talk to God, Listen to Him.
            He is your Father,
            He is your Friend,
            He is your King.
            We are God’s people.
            We love Him as He loves us.
            Keep us safe as we live
            our lives today.
            Thank you, Lord.

Cursillo Prayers for our situation as we enter the second week of the Lockdown recovery phase – 6 pm this evening. We will pray also for the ACC Coronavirus Bereavement Support Group. Please join members of the Secretariat as they pray.

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