Blackburn Banner at Leyland

Last Weekend members of the BACC Standing Committee met for their regular winter meeting. This year they met at St Ambrose Church in Leyland, Lancashire.

On the Friday evening Blackburn Cursillo hosted an Ultreya to which members of the Standing Committee as well as their guests were invited.

Participants were invited to join in worship songs and hymns accompanied by music ably provided by “Pete the Feet”.

Floating Group Reunion followed and in our group we heard of someone who was studying the book “Bert, his dog and God” by Gary Bunt (which is well worth a look at to all accounts) as well as others who described their action in our Lords name and disciplined prayerfulness in their local church in support of their priest.

A witness talk, given by Sandy Harris, (BACC Rep, Blackburn) followed. during which Sandy invited us to consider what we were doing in our 4th Day and encouraged us to share our faith with others, help recent participants into local Group Reunions and that Cursillo is a faith filled family where we can share our successes and failures in a supportive community. Sandy pointed out to us that we may think what we are doing is unimportant but that is not Gods view, we should remember that he has invited us to work for him.

The evening was rounded off with a splendid buffet supper during which those gathered shared fellowship and in some cases had an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

We say thank you to the members of the Cursillo Community in and around Leyland, north Lancashire and Preston for their hard work in arranging this event and for their splendid welcome into their beautiful church dedicated to St Ambrose on a particularly blustery and rainy evening.

Bill Rout BACC Rep.


  1. Ann Townson on March 4, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    Thank you for this as John(my husband) & I both Blackburn#25 weren’t able to be with you. We weren’t well. Please keep Blackburn Cursillo in your prayers as we’re going through bare times! Ultreya.

    • Bill Rout on March 10, 2020 at 6:53 pm

      Thank you for your kind comment Ann.
      We enjoyed ourselves at St Ambrose in Leyland and I felt that a report may well be encouraging to our 4th Day Community. Your Area Rep, Dawn Mc Dermott asked if she could share it on your website and social media platforms.
      Go well, we pray that you and John will be well again.

      ULTREYA Bill Rout BACC Rep Norwich Anglican Cursillo.

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