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Norwich Anglican Cursillo representatives attended the BACC Full Council meeting which was hosted by York Cursillo at St Chads Church in York last weekend.

Several delegates had struggled to get to the meeting due to the recent flooding in South Yorkshire which had led to road closures and disruption to train schedules. Despite these setbacks, those present were able to take part in discussion sessions and after a splendid buffet lunch, took part in the formal business of the day, the BACC Full Council Meeting, in the afternoon. The day concluded with a Eucharist Service at which our National Spiritual Director, Stephen Bowring, presided.

Topics for discussion in the morning included a well debated session relating to the possible adoption of a 2 night / 3 day Weekend. This is a subject that is presently under discussion within the Episcopal Cursillo in the USA and has been trialled by Cursillo Scotland and Southwell & Nottingham Cursillo. Further discussion within Standing Committee is to take place and a possible motion to adopt shortened weekends alongside “traditional” weekends presented at the AGM next May.

Webmaster Steven Ridley presented proposals for a new BACC website to replace the existing one which is now out of date. Delegates were invited to fill in questionaires with ideas and suggestions for features that were thought to be desirable so that the web development team could make the most effective and useful changes. Expectation is that the new website would go live in late 2020.

Visitors enjoy the buffet lunch provided by York Cursillo

As your BACC Rep I would of course be interested to receive any questions or suggestions about either of these subjects and pass them on to our BACC Regional rep, Pat, for consideration at the next Standing Committee meeting in February.

We have passed our thanks to Jan Watts (LD York Cursillo) and her team who not only hosted this event on behalf of BACC but also baked the delicious cakes & pastries as well as cooked the soup for us.

Bill Rout BACC Rep

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