Jeanie Feneron

Jeanie Feneron, who was Lay Rector for Norwich #13 weekend has sent us this reflection on her experiences:

Norwich Cursillo Weekend#13

So the team had been chosen, 11 of us altogether, the training days were complete and we were all ready to welcome our participants.

Only a few weeks before we had faced many challenges with some of the team unable to attend and others having to swap roles. We were still praying for more participants at the first training day, BUT God delivered!!!

We welcomed our wonderful participants Susie, Ruth, Lynn and Julia. We all enjoyed the fantastic location at The Pleasaunce. Set on top of the cliff at Overstrand next to the beach many enjoyed brisk walks while taking in the sea air. In spite of some rain we wandered in the beautiful landscaped gardens and visited the private chapel in the corner of the grounds. What an amazing place to reflect and feel close to the gifts God has given us.

God’s abundance was given in many other ways too. The most scrummy food with lovely hot cooked breakfasts, lunches and three course dinners. Hot chocolate and Horlicks at bedtime too!! Many new friends were made and the experience of receiving the love of God through people was unforgettable. We were all fed with God’s love in so many ways.

As well as listening to the interesting talks and reflecting on them the Weekend was full of joy and laughter. This often came in the form of some of Dave’s funny jokes or in the wonderful rhyming poems which Steve supplied. We even had a go at performing on the hand bells although I think we could all have benefited from more practice!!

As for myself, I feel extremely honoured to have been asked to lead such a wonderful weekend and must pass on my utmost thanks to the whole team who supported me, (not forgetting Helen with her administrative support).

I am sure all our participants experienced the drenching of God’s love and will begin a new journey of prayer, study and action.

 In the words of one participant the experience was “monumental”.

Thank you for that Jeanie. We continue to pray for Susie, Ruth, Lynn & Julia that they may come to know God through their experience of a Cursillo Weekend and that they too may go on to witness to His love in their lives.


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