Steve Wright and I travelled to Bury St Edmunds last Thursday evening to attend the Celebration Eucharist for James the Apostle day which was arranged by St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Cursillo.

As well as meeting old Cursillo and clergy friends we both had ample opportunity to meet other members of the wider Cursillo community as we gathered in the cathedral gardens afterwards. Before that though we were able to welcome Revd Julia Lall as she took up the post of Diocesan Spiritual Director for St Eds & Ips Cursillo. Heartfelt thanks as well as a bouquet of flowers were presented to Revd. Jenny Seggar ( Jenny made her Cursillo in Norwich some years ago as I am sure many of you will remember) who has now completed her term of office.

In authentic Cursillo fashion, Revd Penny Brinkley was commissioned as Assistant Spiritual Director to help Julia and take on the role of SD in due time.

Sarah Lock, LD, also welcomed BACC National President Trevor King to the service. Trevor was able to recount his journey from the station in an open top sports car driven by Paul Thacker who is now recovered from his recent illness. I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that Paul is now up and about again and we wish him well. Paul has of course been a good friend to Norwich Cursillo having staffed for us on several occasions.

Whilst we were enjoying fellowship (and drinks and nibbles !) after the service, many of us looked at the sculpture in the corner of the garden. See picture alongside. It is in cast aluminium by the sculptor Jonathan Clarke and is called “Godspeed”. It commemorates the voyage, in 1606, of the merchant adventurers under the leadership of Bartholomew Gosnold. Gosnold was a Suffolk man hailing from near Ipswich but had close connections with Bury. His voyages culminated in the founding of the settlement at Jamestown which was the first successful English speaking settlement in the Americas. His friend and business associate Sir Walter Raleigh had founded an earlier settlement at Roanoke but it had failed to thrive.

Sadly, only a few months after he finally settled in Jamestown, Gosnold died and was buried locally.

We give you thanks Almighty God, for all the benefits you have given us. You who reign for ever and ever

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