Members of the Cursillo 4th Day Community enjoyed a time of friendship and fellowship as well as a splendid bring and share lunch last Saturday at St Edmunds church in Taverham.

Hymns were accompanied by music provided by Nick Moore and ably led by Jane. Jane had a busy day as she organised the event too, although of course behind every successful woman are several other like minded women who help in the background. We are grateful for their hard work in preparing for our visit.

Our witness talk was presented by Peter Thacker who made his Cursillo on Norwich #11 and I’m sure I speak for all present that his story and the role Cursillo has played in his life moved us. We thank Peter for his testimony and thank too Revd Phil Charlesworth for his thoughts and insights into Peter’s journey of faith and his steadfast belief.

Lay Director Barbara Harrold gave an update on preparations for the National Ultreya that will take place on 4th September 2021 in Norwich and encouraged everyone in the 4th day Community to consider how they may help in the preparations and on the “big day” itself. (further details will of course be forthcoming as they become known but we should “gird our loins” as the Old testament tells us, for this momentous event.)

An update of proceedings at BACC were presented by your editor (ie me) and the National Ultreya at Chester in late August emphasised as the next major event in their calendar.

Following the Ultreya, those present enjoyed a substantial bring & share lunch and a chance to catch up on old friendships as well as form new ones. Using newly honed skills, herewith some pictures of the event…..

It was originally intended that we would enjoy a picnic but the dry spell had come to and end and so we met in the church but were we downhearted? NO of course not. We are very grateful that the very acive Taverham group have said that they would be willing to hold a similar event and so we look forward to joining them again this time next year. With a very big thank you to Jane, Nick, Peter, Revd Phil and all the ladies who hosted this event from all of us who enjoyed our visit to Taverham.

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