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The 2019 National Ultreya is being hosted by Chester Cursillo and will be at Chester Cathedral on Saturday 31st August.

Booking is still open and full details of the timetable for the days events as well as a booking form can be found at…. This is one of the easiest on-line booking forms I have had to deal with and a credit to Carol & Anne of the Chester Cursillo Communications team.

Chester Cursillo are eager to welcome as many of the Cursillo 4th Day Community as are able to join them for the event. Having spoken to Mary, one of the organising team lately they say they are able to accommodate up to 600 guests at their venue. So come along to Chester and join the throng for what is expected to be a joyous celebration of Christian Ministry through Prayer, Study & Action.

STOP PRESS! Just received another e-mail from Anne to say can we please pray for all those involved in the preparations for this event…. within Chester Cursillo and elsewhere, the cathedral and council staff, the police, for the visitors who will be joining in and all those who will be in Chester for the day.

Of course we will Anne, Ultreya!

Bill Rout BACC Rep.

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