Barbara has been in touch with your website editor with some items that are relevant to our 4th Day Community at this time.

Full details of the forthcoming Ultreya at Taverham on 27th July are now on the Calendar page We look forward to seeing members of our 4th Day Community at this event. Barbara particularly requests that you get in touch with her to let her know you will be coming to this event.

Barbara also requests that each of us pass on this information to anyone else in our 4th Day Community, either in your local Group Reunion or elsewhere, who may perhaps not be receiving e-mails from Secretariat or able to access this website.

Secretariat are concerned that a number of our members have not yet taken the opportunity to complete the GDPR form which allows Secretariat to contact them with information about things that are happening in and around Norwich Anglican Cursillo. If you want a form, please ring me on (01953) 454400 and I will arrange for you to have one.

Barbara is putting together the NAC Summer newsletter and asks for any contributions to be with her before 28th July. Jokes, poems quotes or something that you gave done since Christmas (or indeed before then) which will be of interest to our members are all acceptable. Go on, give it a try!

Lay Rector for Norwich #13, Jeanie Feneron, has her team in place and they will be attending Training Days during the coming summer. This is an opportunity to sponsor a participant for #13. The form can be obtained by application to Mandy Davison who is acting as Booking Secretary.


Bill Rout (BACC REP)

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