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A perusal of the BACC website a few days ago reveals that Chester Cursillo have now published details of this years National Ultreya.

For those who have been to a National it often becomes a “must” in future years. Generally speaking good weather is the order of the day (as those who went to Chelmsford last year can attest, not so however those who were at Carlisle some years ago).

We are sure the National this year will be worth going to, several years ago Chester hosted the National at Nantwich and a good day was enjoyed by all. This year the event will be in Chester itself, which we are assured is well worth a visit all by itself.

Full details and booking form may be found on the Chester Cursillo website at:

If you are going to Chester, please let Bill or Pat know so we can look out for you. (The Standing Committee will be meeting on the Friday so we will be going a day early so Pat can get to the meeting.)

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