The Norwich Diocesan Archdeacons Charge will be on Saturday, 18 May 2019 from 10:00 to 15:00 at Sandringham Estate
PE35 6EH
Diocesan information about this event may be found at:

Barbara Harrold, our Lay Director writes:

NAC would like to invite two or three people from amongst the Cursillo 4th Day Community to man a stall at the Archdeacons Charge. There is free entry and parking for whoever goes. Unfortunately Bill, Pat, Roger and I are attending the BACC AGM and therefore are unable to go. Last year proved to be a very interesting day with lots of interest especially from and for the clergy.

I am asking if anyone would be interested in  attending this event on behalf of the Cursillo movement.

We have table clothes, a free standing banner, pamphlets and stickers. A quiz has also been prepared, and I am willing to provide a prize, which helps engage the interest of those passing and then an explanation of Cursillo can be given once the ice is broken.

It was good fun and I hope one, two or more people might be kind enough to take this on.

If anyone would like more information please ring me on (01953) 883394

Thank you all for giving this request some thought.


Information about last year’s Cursillo stall at Holkham Hall may be found at:

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