Group Reunions in Norwich Diocese and signs of growth.

As we all know, alongside Prayer, Study and Action, being part of a Group Reunion is a key element of the Cursillo Method of discipleship. Indeed there is an emphasis on “what happens next” on the 3rd Day of our weekends and Group Reunion is one of the Rollos presented quite late in the programme.

Norwich Anglican Cursillo has a thriving network of Group Reunions and we are pleased to say that more are in a process of formation.

We are currently seeking to identify all of our existing GRs and to make known to all the new ones that are beginning. Unfortunately a complete record of the existing GRs was lost during a computer crash some time ago and so a crack team of sleuths (ie. me) has been hot on the trail to gather some information. So, at no extra cost, here is a summary of my findings to date:

Groups are meeting at:

Norwich / Wymondham area. Monthly on a Monday.

Mattishall. Monthly on a Wednesday evening.

Ashill / Saham area. A peripatetic group meets monthly at lunchtime.

Kings Lynn area. A group centred around the Wootens. (awaiting details) A second group meets in the Middleton area, monthly on a Friday morning.

Taverham / North Norwich. A group meets monthly, usually on a Monday

New groups that are in the process of forming are at:

Diss / South Norfolk. An initial meeting is set for after Easter and will probably meet in Diss.

Aylsham / Cromer area. A group is forming in this area and details are awaited.

Carbrook area. A group is planned in this area. (details awaited)

If you are able to shed any light on other groups that I am presently unaware of, please let me know. I hope to be able to publish more details later. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with a group co-ordinator, please ring me on (01953) 454400 and I’ll pass on a message for you.

Toodle pip.

Bill Rout

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