Norwich #12. The Lay Rector writes:

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Norwich #12 Cursillo…….. What can I say……

The joy of being Lay Rector to a great team and some interesting and involved Pilgrims.

We had a visiting Spiritual Adviser, Rev Stephen Bowring, who later this year will be installed as National Spiritual Director. Rev Stephen had been invited by Rev Jane – he had come to see ‘how we do it’ in Norfolk.

The staff and Pilgrims soon settled into each others company, the buzz of conversation was only silenced when I rang my little bell…which was often!!

The Rollos were well written, read and received. The discussions were very vocal.

What can I say about the entertainments – the usual dreadful mix!

Services and meditations were thought provoking and inspirational. We say the Weekend is for Pilgrims, but I think there is a lot for those who are serving to benefit from.

I hope all who attended found it as enriching -enabling – encouraging as I did.

Mandy Davison. Lay Rector, Norwich #12

We thank you Mandy, and of course all your team, for all the wonderful work you have done and we look forward to meeting everyone at the Welcome Back Event in Norwich on Saturday. (Follow this link for details……

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