Lay Rectors Cross Recovered!

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Following our plea for information about the whereabouts of the missing Lay Rectors Cross and visitors book (see this website post on 21st March last year) we are pleased to report that the items have now come to light. We are thus pleased to be able to say that our Lay Rector for Norwich Cursillo Weekend #12, Mandy Davison, will be able to wear it during the weekend and will be able to pass it on to Jeanie Feneron who will be LR on Norwich #13.

Thank you to everyone who looked for our cross and made enquiries which helped to bring it back to us. We also give thanks for those who looked after it for us during its recent sojourn elsewhere beyond our sight.

We give you thanks Almighty God, for all the benefits you gave given us. You who reign for ever and ever. Amen.

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