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A year in the life of a BACC Rep. (2018 version)

You may well ask “What does a BACC Rep do?” and what relevance has it to my ministry in rural Norfolk.

A good question. We know of course that Norwich Cursillo is affiliated to BACC and we receive support from them if we ask for it. The liaison between diocese and BACC is conducted by and through the Diocesan BACC Rep. BACC Reps are members of the Diocesan Secretariat and have a responsibility to communicate information between both Secretariat and with the BACC Full Council. BACC Full Council is made up of the officers of BACC (National President, National Spiritual Director, Treasurer and Secretary) and the Lay Director, Spiritual Director and BACC Rep of each of the affiliated Cursillo Diocese. In addition a BACC Standing Committee meets immediately before the Full Council meetings as well as in February each year. The Standing Committee includes Area Representatives, which in our case represent Cursillo in Norwich, St Eds & Ipswich, Ely and Lincoln.

Sounds a bit complicated! Well no it isn’t once you get to know how it works. It is a good vehicle to speak for Cursillo on the national stage particularly with the C of E. This relationship has recently borne fruit in an invitation to offer the Cursillo Method as part of the “Setting God’s People Free” initiative which is being “rolled out” across the C of E at present (Norwich will be taking part in 2019, watch this space!) BACC can also offer national publicity such as the recently published Cursillo video which can be seen on the website. Other things which BACC advise on are developments in world-wide Cursillo Communities. For instance, some diocese are trialling 2 Day Weekends, an initiative which originated in the Episcopal Cursillo in America.  

It’s not a one-way street however and we have an opportunity to bring our challenges and successes to the attention of the other diocese and many initiatives have been conceived over a glass of wine after the meetings.

What happened in 2018 is perhaps typical of the activities of BACC Reps.

I had a visit to Doncaster in February accompanying our Area Rep, Pat (also the lady wife) for the Standing Committee meeting which was hosted by Sheffield Cursillo. The Standing Committee were engaged in the rewriting of the Cursillo Resource Manuals and their work was published in May at the Conference and AGM.

Next visit was to Swanwick in Derbyshire for the Conference and AGM where we enjoyed a weekend of both work and networking together in teams made up of representatives from all parts of the country. 

The highlight of the Cursillo year is of course the National Ultreya which this year was hosted by Chelmsford Cursillo. Again, a S/C meeting preceded the event and the opportunity to socialise enabled much cross-fertilisation of ideas to take place.

In the autumn Norwich Cursillo hosted the Full Council and associated Standing Committee meeting which involved much work in the organisation and arrangements which needed to be made. As BACC rep I am very grateful to all those who put in an effort over and above the call of duty to make this a tremendous success on all counts.

 As we approach the new year we can look forward to visits to Wiltshire, Leicestershire, Chester and York in 2019. We are confident that Brexit or whatever happens will not affect Cursillo in the slightest and we can continue in the work of furthering God’s Kingdom with increased vigour.

It is a great privilege to be able to serve as BACC Rep and it has been instructive as well as fulfilling throughout. That said, as we know Cursillo must evolve and seeks to empower us to be more effective in our witness to Christ. If you think that you are being called to serve in this capacity then please don’t be shy. Get in touch, we can offer a fully comprehensive shadowing role before taking up office “for real”.

With every blessing for the coming year.

ULTREYA             Bill Rout

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