He is Risen, Alleluia

De Colores one and all and Happy Easter.

A short reflection on a reading from Jeremiah…………….

During Holy Week we were visited by Bishop Alan of Thetford who, among other things, invited his listeners to reflect on some biblical passages suitable for the Easter Vigil. One of them was that from Ezekiel 47 vv 1-12 concerning the River of Life flowing from the threshold of the Temple.

What a glorious picture of the Holy Spirit moving outwards from our Lord into all the world. From one source, flowing outward in every direction and as it does so becoming wider and deeper. In its flow it nurtures life of many kinds and they bear fruit in abundance. Furthermore the fruit trees will not wither or their fruit fail giving continuous nourishment and healing.

And I thought Yes, Cursillo is in and on the banks of that river and taking part in the expansion of the River of Life. I was very much encouraged after what has been a trying time during Lent by this and then to sing “Thine be the Glory” this morning too. He is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

So….. Pat & I wish you all a very happy Easter and that you will be richly blessed as you walk in the Light of Christ in your 4th Day Journey.




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