Cursillo Method bears fruit

Banner of Norwich Anglican CursilloDe Colores one and each….

Yes, it really works! The Cursillo Method of Prayer, Study and Action has borne fruit in Norwich Diocese.

You may have noticed a sudden surge in activity on the NAC website. (If you haven’t, then you won’t be reading this, will you! There’s logic for you) This is due to a group of Cursillistas getting together after a period of prayer that  we could revive the website’s flagging fortunes, then studying the necessary techniques to get things going again and last of all, taking action to put more information on the site. This “post” is just one manifestation of the result!

Please bear with me, a “bear of little learning” who is taking faltering steps in on line publishing whilst I get familiar with the requisite skills. Letting an apprentice loose in a toyshop comes to mind as well, perhaps I hear you say.

Both Jenny Ferns and I have to thank Helen Riley who has been our teacher and mentor in this endeavour and also due to Pat who provided us with a splendid soup and bread lunch followed by home-made cake after our mornings work.

We look forward to a brighter future and encourage you all to keep an eye on the website. Our plan is to keep you informed of what is going on in NAC, after all “An informed Cursillista is an effective Cursillista” to paraphrase an expression used by my foreman years ago.

If you have anything you want to say to our 4th Day community, don’t hesitate to send your comments or requests to either Helen, Jenny or myself and we will endeavour to publish your work

Toodle pip  Bill Rout (make-ee-learn website editor)



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