God at work in Norwich Cursillo

Saturday 2nd September was of course the day of the BACC National Ultreya at Southwell. Although it was a joyful occasion as you will see from other articles elsewhere, for the Norwich Cursillistas who gathered in the early morning at Diocesan House to await the mini-bus the day began with a tinge of sadness. Shortly after arriving in the car park, Roger Harrold our treasurer, suffered a heart attack.

An ambulance and paramedics were quickly on the scene and after assessment Roger was whisked off to Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital where he received prompt treatment for his condition. Barbara, Roger’s wife accompanied him to the hospital and Roger was soon admitted to the coronary ward for further tests. Barbara reports that Rogers condition was quickly stabilised and after correction of an unstable pulse rate is now looking and feeling much better. After further investigations Roger is expected to return home on Wednesday 6th September and any further treatment will be in the outpatient’s department whilst he continues to recover at home.

Our Lord was certainly at work on that Saturday morning. Roger was in a safe location, among friends and near to home when his heart attack occurred. The ambulance arrived remarkably swiftly and the paramedics were both skilful and knowledgeable in their work.  At the A & E department Roger was admitted straight away and the NHS staff were efficient and effective in his diagnosis and treatment. We are thankful too that Roger is recovering well and we are confident will soon be “back to normal” again. Barbara tells us that everyone involved has been very supportive and helpful and that she is grateful for all the many expressions of concern as well as prayers that have been offered on behalf of Roger, herself and her family.

We look forward to seeing Roger once again at our Ultreyas and at Secretariat once he is fully recovered.  Let us continue to pray for Roger and everyone involved in his care and let us give thanks for the great gifts our LORD has given us in Roger, in the situation on Saturday and in the care that he has received and will continue to receive as he recovers. Praise be!

We give you thanks almighty God for all the benefits you have given us, you who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

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