Ultreya and Social evening, South Wootton July 2017

Ultreya BBQ South Wootton our Lay Director and National President
Ultreya BBQ South Wooton the National President and our Lay Director

The National President with our Lay Director

Ultreya BBQ South Wootton food and fellowship

Enjoying food and fellowship

A good time was had by all at the Ultreya and Social Evening hosted by Linda & James Nash recently.

Although billed as an Ultreya the event did not follow the pattern for an Ultreya as set out in the BACC Resource manual. Perhaps it best to draw a discreet veil over the advertised title particularly as we were in the august presence of none other than our BACC National President, Trevor King.

Trevor didn’t seem to mind though and in fact relished the opportunity to chat with everyone who would listen and encouraged us all with his advice. We thank Trevor for spending the evening with us whilst he was on holiday nearby, we will no doubt meet up with him again at Southwell in September.

Although the evening didn’t follow the established pattern for an Ultreya, it actually was one because of the encouragement we gained from the fellowship we enjoyed in each other’s company.

Ultreya BBQ South Wootton food and fellowship

Answering the quiz questions?

ULTREYA as we know, is a term of encouragement much used in Cursillo. It can still be heard by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago although not as often as the ubiquitous “Buen Camino”. Ultreya is definitely a term used to encourage us to greater effort when the going gets tough. Likewise, our event at South Wootton: just the very presence of so many of our friends and fellow Cursillistas demonstrating so many aspects of Apostolic Action, who could not be moved to press their own actions forward.

Certainly this was a spirit led evening and we are sure everyone present has been renewed with energy to continue on their pilgrimage.

Ultreya BBQ South Wootton the Cooks enjoying a break

Our cooks enjoying a well earned break!

Fellowship is all the better for some food of course and we were blessed with a barbeque expertly supervised by James and his team. Splendid accompaniments and desserts were also prominent and we are grateful for all those who baked, cooked and shopped to load the table to groaning point. It is confidently expected that everyone went away satisfied.

All in all a delightful evening and we look forward to meeting again in the not too distant future. We send our sincere thanks to Linda and James for their hospitality and to all those who came along, from both near and far.

“We give you thanks almighty God, for all the benefits you have given us. You who live & reign for ever and ever” Amen.


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