The Fourth Day Servant Community

As with all organisations they are only really successful due to the work of the ‘back of house’ staff who, in terms of Cursillo, are the Servant Community.

Most roles only require a few hours a month to make all the difference to the overall success of Norwich Anglican Cursillo. If you have a talent, skill or interest that you think would be useful, please, please contact anyone on the Secretariat and let them know (see the Who’s Who )

Role Current incumbent or Vacant
Fourth Day Co-ordinators Linda Nash & Sue Smith
Handbooks etc. Helen Riley
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator –

for Weekends

Barbara Harrold
Prayer Chain Co-ordinator – throughout year Pat Rout
Facebook contact Pat Rout
Day of Deeper Understanding Co-ordinator Bill Rout
Folders for a Weekend Jean Rocket
International Palanca Co-ordinator Jean Rocket
National Palanca Co-ordinator David Riley
Placement Mat Angel Vacant
Rollo Room Supplies Angel Vacant
Door Butterfly Angel Jane Moore
Sweet Dreams Angel Norwich 10 Vacant
Candle Angels for Norwich 10 Vacant
NAC Weekend Palanca Co-ordinator Vacant
Magazine Editor Heather Flint (but happy to step down if someone else feels called to do this.)
Website Manager Vacant
Archivist Vacant

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